NEPA Pallet & Container

Leading manufacturer based in Washington state

Established in 1937 in Seattle, Washington, Nepa Pallet & Container Co., Inc. is the oldest automated manufacturer of pallets and bins in the United States. Nepa was originally founded to fulfill a government contract to support America's war effort in the Pacific Theatre.

Fueled by its prime location in Puget Sound, the heart of the Northwest logging community, and a burgeoning materials handling market, Nepa quickly became an industry leader, constantly reinventing and refining the pallet manufacturing process.

Quality product, driving value for your business

Much has changed since Nepa built its first pallet in 1937 but one constant has remained: Nepa as a purveyor of quality wood products.


  • Heat-treated pallets
  • Skids
  • GMA pallets


  • Crates
  • Wood packaging
  • Wood bins
  • Wood boxes

More wood products:

  • Concrete forms
  • Corrugated products
  • Dunnage